Welcome to Permablitz Brisbane!

Permablitz is a volunteer-run network committed to improving the sustainability of our cities and suburbs.  We use a sustainable design system called permaculture to help communities move away from dependent consumerism to responsible production. Our core focus is helping people grow food where they live and build healthy communities in the process.  Rather than depressing people with the bad news, we empower them with the good news – that solutions are at hand and we can even have fun rolling them out!

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is an ethically-based design system for sustainable living and land use. The term permaculture was coined from ‘permanent agriculture’ by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren who created alternatives to industrial agriculture. It is based on perennial polycultures – a diversity of long-lived plants arranged to compliment each other.

As an integrated design science, however, food is just one part of the permaculture equation. Permaculture equally addresses water, energy, waste, shelter, community, local economy, governance and community facilitation, and other aspects of sustainable living.

For a summary of permaculture ethics and design principles see: PermaculturePrinciples.com .

What do we do?

Our primary role is facilitating permablitzes by connecting hosts, designers and blitzers. In the process, we are:

1) Rolling edible landscapes out across the suburbs
2) Taking permaculture to the mainstream by helping people take their first steps
3) Facilitating the growth of a new generation of permaculture designers
4) Building community and creating local networks of gardeners helping each other
5) having fun while we redesign the future!