Permablitz #33

Zillmere – 24 Sep 2016

Permablitz #33 started with a cuppa and a few people around the hand-drawn colour-coded plans for the garden. More volunteers and friends came and went throughout the day. It was a smallish permablitz as far as blitzes go. The aim was to create a mandala food garden, some foot paths, and apply mulch throughout, generously donated by a friendly neighbour.

We dug out some lawn for the round garden bed, laid sheets of newspaper, spread out home-made compost, chopped sticks and foliage to for the new compost heap, planted vegetables and perennials, carted several wheelbarrows of mulch from two doors down the road, and even created a mini-pond for the critters and water-loving plants.

Due to size constraints, the original mandala design gave way to two kidney shaped garden beds, just as someone called out: “They’re the lungs of the garden!”. How appropriate, I thought. The bed was still circular, but with less space taken up for paths as in a traditional mandala bed.

This was a great opportunity to see what can be done in a really small space using permaculture principles and with minimal budget!

Throughout the day we were spoilt with yummy food and drink, including two salads made with produce from the garden and a vegetarian lasagne. There was entertainment too, as one of the attendees played guitar and sang his original tunes. A great way to have fun and learn!

If you would like to volunteer at an upcoming permablitz or are keen to host your own, be sure to let us know <link>.

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