Permablitz #34

Brighton – 1 Oct 2016

I arrived at the Brighton address a little late after a few wrong turns. Let’s just say I am geographically challenged.

The home is not a permaculture blank canvas as there is already a combined orchard/ chook run, a small pond, grey water recycling and some veggie beds, so the aim was to improve and maintain existing systems. This included making water and food dispensers for the chickens, improving the chicken pen, feeding and pruning fruit trees, turning compost and building compost bays, setting up the rain water collection and drip irrigation, planting out seedlings in garden beds, and making new garden beds.

We mostly divided into groups for different tasks but were encouraged to let our curiosity roam in the interest of enjoying a learning experience, and that it certainly was for many. In the composting tasks I think we exceeded expectations. There was so much green material available from pruning that we used up all existing compost and started a whole new compost heap using a layering method i.e. layers of green (green leaves and trunks), brown (dried twigs and leaves) and manure.

Diverting water from the gutters into improvised water tanks was the best bit in my opinion as it would have saved the owner hundreds of dollars. The pictures tell the story.

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