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What brings you to Permaculture? 0

What brings you to Permaculture?

The UN released a report in 2013, stating that small scale organic farming was the only way to feed the world. That pretty much sums it up for me – and check out the great...

Permablitz #34 0

Permablitz #34

Brighton – 1 Oct 2016 I arrived at the Brighton address a little late after a few wrong turns. Let’s just say I am geographically challenged. The home is not a permaculture blank canvas...

Permablitz #33 0

Permablitz #33

Zillmere – 24 Sep 2016 Permablitz #33 started with a cuppa and a few people around the hand-drawn colour-coded plans for the garden. More volunteers and friends came and went throughout the day. It...