Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
This website is made in Brisbane, Australia for the Brisbane permablitz network. For groups in other regions see the regional groups page.

How do I get involved?
See our Get involved page.

What skills do I need to turn up to a blitz?
None at all! Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level. We welcome first time gardeners.

Who brings tools?
Participants generally supply most of the tools. Bring whatever you have. Organisers generally have some masking tape and a texter on hand so your tools are easier to identify at the end of the day.

How do I qualify to get blitzed?
You will generally be eligible to host a permablitz once you have:

  • been to at least two permablitzes;
  • a permaculture informed design, done by or with the help of at least one person who has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

Will someone help me before the day?
We try to organise at least one volunteer permaculture designer who wants experience to help you with the design process. Most of the time we find someone, although occasionally distance or complexity of the project works against us. You can alternatively pay to have a professional permaculture designer help out, and some organisers of the permablitz network are also professional designers. We will soon include a page on Permaculture Design Consultants.

What would be my roles as a blitz host?
You’d work with a designer to come up with a design which suits your needs. They will help generate a list of materials which you will need to have ready on the day (we can call out to the network for anything you need too.) On the day, your main role is as a host and to help feed the troops. Members of the Permablitz Collective can facilitate the day and run workshops. Permablitz Melbourne have published a booklet for blitz hosts — if you’d like to see it, have a look here.

There’s no permablitz network in my region. How would I go about setting up a local permablitz network?
It’s not too hard to get a permablitz or two happening to test the waters. See the list of ever growing groups both local and abroad. Get a design, start a facebook event, invite people and promise food! Feel free to contact us for support.

Who funds the network?
For the most part, nobody. The network is based on volunteerism and reciprocity, and hosts cover whatever personal materials and expenses they have. There is absolutely no shortage of people willing to come along and volunteer their time and labour — and why not? The days are fun, you meet good people, and everyone learns a lot. Organisation and admin does take a fair bit of effort in the background which is not remunerated. This is done by a small collective.

A former Dept of Planning and Infrastructure initiative called the Dandenong Edible Gardens Project employed some permablitzers to help organise permablitzes in Greater Dandenong (Victoria, Australia). It was successful in staying true to the permablitz spirit while employing people at the design and co-ordination levels. Working with other such groups and with local governments may be one way forward. If you work in government or a community organisation and feel inspired to start a community initiative, please contact us.